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About Our Services

We seek to understand what your financial goals are.

For over 30 years, Financial Resource Management has provided objective financial advice and a complete range of investment services for comprehensive financial planning. A hallmark of our practice is offering unbiased, personalized guidance for all of life’s financial decisions. We seek to understand what your financial goals are, and what you want your legacy to be.

We have built strategic relationships with specialized attorneys, CPAs and other professionals to provide clients with seasoned insight and judgement that extends beyond the bounds of any single discipline. With such strong partnerships, we use a highly client-centric planning approach; looking beyond the surface and taking a deep, personal interest in helping to improve the quality of all our clients’ lives.

We use a client-centric planning approach.

We will implement and monitor each investment strategy.

Whether your focus is on wealth accumulation, preservation or distribution, we will review your current position, risk tolerance and goals, and work with you to develop a strategy that addresses your unique circumstance. Next, we will implement and monitor each investment strategy within your financial plan. Regular meetings and open communication are a centerpiece to the success of this process.

Services Offered

Through our relationship with you, we will provide the guidance and resources to help you obtain and maintain financial security. In a world of uncertainty, a thorough financial plan can offer you confidence and peace of mind.

We operate in your best interest according to your unique financial needs. You can choose how you wish to work with us – please contact us for more information about our services and how we can work with your unique goals.

One thing is certain, what goes up must come down. Investors with longer time horizons can handle drops in their portfolio whereas many retirees and near retirees cannot. Part of our philosophy is implementing a “buffer” strategy to help protect you from untimely downturns in the market.

As your advisor, we actively listen to what your financial concerns are and help determine what is important to you. This helps us craft and implement a custom-tailored plan designed to give you guidance before, during and after retirement. Frequent communication and periodical reviews help us stay on track to meeting your unique goals.

We have found that many clients’ biggest fear is running out of money in retirement. Our goal is to help our clients make sound choices when it comes to retirement income, from when to file Social Security, how to take Required Minimum Distributions, to implementing ideas for guaranteed lifetime income. We help deliver clients comprehensive solutions for sustainable income to calm these fears.

A well thought out, disciplined investment strategy is crucial to building wealth over time. Regular monitoring and rebalancing can help mitigate impacts of market swings, inflation and adverse taxation.  These disciplines prove instrumental in a successful financial plan.

Minimizing taxes over the life of an investment plan can have a significant impact on success. From an investment standpoint, we help clients lessen the impacts of taxes through diligent, tax-conscious investing and portfolio management. On a broader level, and with the help of local CPAs, we assist clients in making wise decisions that can reduce the influence of other common tax burdens, such as capital gains, estate tax and income tax.

Insurance offers protection from the unexpected and is essential in most any financial plan. Protect yourself and your family from the financial burdens of long-term care or the loss of a loved one. Insurance strategies can also be implemented to help save taxes on the transition of a business or personal wealth. Existing policy reviews can also reveal weaknesses in your financial plan.

Leaving a legacy to your family and heirs is a goal for many people, but intention doesn’t always translate to reality. Working in tandem with local estate planning attorneys, we use strategic and thoughtful planning to help clients execute these intentions in an organized, efficient and tax effective manner.

Employer plans, such as 401(k)s, 403(b)s, SEP and Simple IRAs, often get left behind. There can be many benefits in consolidating these into one plan. This can even be an option for current employees, via an “in-service withdrawal.” Adding professional management to your retirement accounts can prove to be beneficial in coordinating your retirement savings with your retirement goals.